Lost Doodle Tool

...v20121016_0136_b for Anime Studio Pro 9.x

2nd "Lost AS Tool"! Although the "Lost Doodle Tool" project began like a little series of "only for fun/curiosity" and personal experiments, as it has been getting bigger, I have been tempted with the possibility of include it into the family... Firstly conceived as "Lost Bitmap Tool", it was re-baptized to it's actual name to avoid confusion, but really (even with the inherent limitations) it brigs the possibility of taste the very simple bitmap drawing feeling inside, and only inside, Anime Studio Pro. I must confess that I'm a little embarrassed to have invested so much time on this probably more curious than useful thing leaving other more important issues aside, but OTOH, I think I have learned a lot of cool things on the way...

Well, if you think it could worth... please, keep reading (there's a video!) and of course (if possible) start getting your Graphic Tablet ready :)