Lost Layer Tool

...v20100708_1931_rc2 for Anime Studio Pro 7.0

1st "Lost AS Tool"! The "Lost Layer Tool" have been chiefly conceived to offer quick & direct access to the most commonly used layer settings and effects providing, at the same time, multi-layering adjustments support and several real-time advantages, as well as extra features like the "MouseCap!", layer content info and keyframing assistance; all in a try to improve the setup & animation process feeling inside Anime Studio Pro.


Layer Transform Controls

It contains the normal layer translation controls in the finest "Lost·AS·Tools" style plus the "MouseCap!" exclusive function which you'll be able to translate mouse movements to layer translation in the most quick, natural & unattended way.

Layer Effects Settings

Besides the direct toolbar access to Visibility, Blur, Opacity and Layer Blending modes,  inside the layer effects settings popup dialogue, you'll find all the necessary stuff to take total control over Layer Shadow/Shading and Motion Blur, with buttons showing hidden sub-keys, allowing his manipulation at the same time and offering as most direct and quick access  as possible.

Masking Controls

The Layer & Group Masking settings at hand and in the most  "trial & error" way, for quick testing and masking status avoiding all kind of windows navigation (open Layer Settings window - go to Masking tab - make changes -click OK to see what happen... and so on, you know!) once and for all.

Particle (plus Other) Settings

Switch layer control even from children and acting over all selected switch layers; Particle control popup dialgue included in the finest "Lost·AS·Tools" style; always accessible Audio settings for fine control with waveform real-time changes indication and much more...

Layer Settings

...like layer content info and this last popup dialogue where you'll be able to manipulate Vectors settings like Noise seeing changes in real-time and being applied over all selected layers; beside, you'll find just the same advantages for 3D objects and, bellow... the sensitive "Source" text box  indicator (and buttons) for improved external resources management.


Known (on Windows XP SP3) Issues:
  • Pressing a button into a pop-up dialogue seems to make (sometimes) an "onMouseDown" call. (ASP's bug?)
  • "Empty" values on some text boxes generate an error that makes the lua console to jump! (Ramon0's #20100624 BUG)
  • No viewport update (until undone) when vector's "3D Conversion" mode are changed to "None". (Ramon0's #201006256 BUG)
  • No audio playback during "MouseCap!" :(
  • Dense and redundant code here and there...
  • The Animated Layer FX button function should be revised (nothing serious).
  • Open a link "method" be means of AS should be revised and probably redefined (waiting for feedbacks).
  • Particle and 3D Adjustments only affects to the active layer at the moment.
Upcoming? Features:
  • Rotation & scale functions by means of transformation gizmos.
  • Direct viewport (multi?) layer selection.
  • "MouseCap!" little improvements, like FPS indicator and so...
  • Particle Presets! And RESET buttons here & there.
  • Direct Grid settings management? Cause I think I miss it...
  • Multiple layer renaming with helpers it'd be nice.
  • New 3D stuff and PHYSICS control (waiting for the new API documentation...)

Well this sounds like a cliché, but this is still a Release Candidate version of the tool, so install and use it at your own risk. Of course, any feedback will be veeery welcomed :)



  1. i have ever use SynthSin75's similar tools before~but this one is more convenient

  2. Hey Ramon, this tool is indispensable.I love it!
    we can preview so many things on the fly, particles have never been easier, and multiple layer selection settings, wow, all in one great little gooey.
    Why is is this tool so mysteriously hidden away?
    Everyone should know.
    Thanks you have given ASPRO the face-lift it needed.

  3. Amazing.You're great. Thanks a lot.

  4. is a very handy tool !!! how about hotkey on switch layer ? or shift+RMB menu ander mouse point as in Lost wiggle tool ? it is very much accelerated lipsing

  5. This tool is great although it would be even better if you could add the layer modifying box that the transform layer has.